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                Product Spotlight

                Schevaran’s environment-friendly cleaning and sanitisation product range meets the needs of a variety of industries.

                An industry leader in eco-friendly cleaning technologies


                sqft cleaned each day




                corporate clients

                Clients We Serve

                Eco Friendly
                • Each one of our products is carefully formulated and tested rigorously to ensure it is environment friendly
                Our Quality Promise
                • We pay the highest attention to product quality in our R&D and production processes

                News & Updates

                • Cleaning High-Traffic Facilities: Best Practices

                  Busy facilities like airports, shopping malls, supermarkets and stadiums receive a large volume of footfall.The frequent inflow and outflow of people adds another level of complication to maintaining the cleanliness of these high-traffic environments. Facility managers should equip their employees with knowledge of best practices for maintaining cleanliness consistently during business hours. While contributing to

                  October 9, 2020
                • Solutions to Common Floor-Care Mistakes

                  While visiting your facility, the first thing your clients will notice are the floors. Unclean, stained, damaged floors wonĄŻt leave a good first impression, and may even make your customers reluctant to spend time and money in your facility. The lifespan and look of floors can be affected by some common floor-care mistakes. Facility managers

                  September 21, 2020
                • Cleaning Processes in the COVID-19 Era

                  The coronavirus outbreak has triggered a new standard for facility hygiene. As the world is slowly recovering from the repercussions of the pandemic, businesses need to be prepared to protect their employees and customers post reopening.  Building service contractors and facility managers should work on reviewing and improving current practices, products and tools. Hygiene standards

                  September 12, 2020
                • Are Sanitation Tunnels Safe?

                  Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, sanitization/disinfection tunnels have been the talk of the town, with many stations being set up around the entrances and exits of buildings in order to spray sanitizer/disinfectant on people entering/exiting the building. But the question remains, is this is a safe practice? Does this provide ample protection against

                  August 28, 2020


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