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                Leadership Team

                • Sam Cherian

                  Chairman and Managing Director

                  Sam Cherian is the Chairman and Managing Director of Schevaran Laboratories. He founded the company in the year 1988 and has since driven the vision to produce...

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                • Miriam Cherian


                  Miriam leading backbone of Schevaran growth story.She is a BA (Hons.) in History from Delhi University.

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                • Benjamin Alexander

                  Director Business Development

                  Benjamin Alexander leads business development and growth at Schevaran. He has been a long-term contributor, and under his sales leadership, we have grown from...

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                • Srinivas Thanthri NA

                  General Manager - Finance

                  Srinivas Thanthri is the General Manager - Finance at Schevaran. He heads accounting, and oversees all finance operations. He is a long-term team member at...

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                • Prabhu Prasad RM

                  Factory Manager

                  Prabhu Prasad leads manufacturing operations at Schevaran. A firm believer in automation, he has optimised our production lines to maximise production capacities,...

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                • Hemant Hardikar

                  Chief Marketing Officer

                  Hemant Hardikar leads the B2C initiatives at Schevaran, including our consumer brand ˇ°The Green Companyˇ±. He oversees new product concepts, packaging, distribution,...

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                • Shyla Yogish

                  Head - Business Process

                  Shyla Yogish - Head of Business Process and Logistics. She began her career with Schevaran Laboratories in 2013, and leads supply chain, business process and...

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                • Shankar Iyer

                  V.P Massterklean Operations
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                • Jeevan MS

                  Manager - Audit & Training
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                • Mathew Philip

                  Executive Assistant
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